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Red Kisses

Recently I decided to start wearing a new shade of lipstick……red! I had never been a red kind of girl my entire life. I had worn mauve, pink, burgundy, peach, beige, but never true red. About two years ago I found out that red lipstick was a stunning shade for me after taking a free online course at I put the unfamiliar shade on reluctantly and had to brace myself for what I “thought” would be the worst reaction when I ventured out into public. Most certainly I assumed that I would be viewed as a clown. I was not only pleasantly surprised by the reaction, but I was shocked. People started really noticing, truly noticing “me”, not in an obnoxious way, but a delightful, refreshing way. I certainly was not invisible while I sported my crimson lips. I felt vibrant! I felt stunning!. Could a little tube of Crayola red truly bring me so much happiness?

Then I happened to go to my appointment at the beauty salon with my authentically lovely beauticians. We talk about “everything” from cellulite, to men, to spirituality, to diets. You name it and we talk about it. It is like a real-life church service for women where you go away feeling much lighter for conversing about issues that you really want to get insight into without getting judged for wanting to get down to the nitty gritty of “girlie girl” topics. After all, isn’t the God of the Universe the Creator of all the “girlie girl” things that bring me joy anyway? As soon as I walked in, the stylists immediately said, “Look at you! You look amazingly beautiful, not to mention HOT, even with your messy hair! Wow!” What were they noticing? They took a glance up and down, and finally said that they loved my confidence and even the red lipstick. I was shocked, because I had forgotten that I was even wearing the ruby red lip cover and it was the first time someone, let alone a group, had actually voiced my new, risky choice. They had confirmed that this teensy, inexpensive change in my appearance was the key to this new visibility of confidence that I was experiencing. The joy in my heart for how sophisticated and alive I felt inwardly was connecting with my countenance.

One of the ladies said that she found red lipstick to be a magnet for people. She chuckled and shared that her husband told her that she could wear the red lipstick whenever they went out together because he thought that she looked absolutely gorgeous, “but” he was serious in conveying to her that if he was not with her that he preferred for her to wear neutral lipstick shades. We all laughed and rolled when we heard that, especially the fact that he knew the term “neutral lipstick shades”. There you have it! Men love red! It is hot and women want to look hot from time to time, even if it is just for their man and no one else. If you don’t have a man, like my current status, then there is absolutely no harm in wanting to simply feel hot and fashionable with a single status. There is a nostalgia and vintage beauty of sophistication that makes women feel vibrant when they wear red lipstick and it captivates the male population in a simplistic way. After all, according to Glamourdaze, ” Lipsticks in the 1940s were red all the way……..the final objective of any young 1940s woman was prominent red lips……. a deep luscious full mouth. Simplicity and convenience was the key as many women took to working……Redder than red lips made up for many a tired girl and in fact lipsticks were considered in the USA as essential for ‘the war effort’ – to keep morale up.” The 1940s was all about the glamour, the look of vibrancy, and the desire to captivate men with the gorgeous beauty of the gift of female loveliness in an often predictably gloomy world.

If you want to feel bold, striking, and vivacious in your mundane daily grind or you want to be amazingly alluring to your man, or even attract a man in your life, then find the shade of red that works best for you and paint your lips to take the “Gorgeous Challenge”. There is nothing to lose, and you will gain some smiles and a whole lot of color in the winter of your life!